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Star Students & Star Class

Star Class

August Star Class: Mrs. Julia David's 2nd Grade

Standing left to right: Mrs. Julia David, Layla Wilkins, Madelyn Levgerne, Elijah Benoit, Fynn Guidry, Jackson McFarlain, Andrew Thibodeaux, Analeah Guidry, Sabrie Simmons, & Marie Alice Courville.   Sitting Left to Right:  Gillian Brause, Lynnli Romero, Addison Vincent, Emma Forman, William LeBlanc, Brock Breaux, & Vance Istre.  Absent so not in photo:  Zane Johnson, 

Star Students

August 2019 Stars: Left to Right standing – August Star Teacher: Mrs. Hannah Chastant, 5th Grade Mrs. Kayla's class: Sky Hebert. 5th grade Mrs. Brooke's class: Dreviana Alex, 4th grade Mrs Terrie's class: Molly Levgerne, 4th grade Mrs. Marsha's class: Brinkley Bertrand, 3rd Grade Mrs. Heidi's class: Logan Trahan, Left to Right front row- Mrs. Rani's classroom: Analeah Guidry, 1st grade Mrs. Hannah: Layne LeMaire, 2nd grade Mrs. Julia's class: William LeBlanc, Pre-K Mrs. Bridget's class: Isaiah Bailey, Kindergarten Mrs. Stacie's class: Arianah Breaux, 2nd grade Mrs. Natalie's class : Cameron Elliot, Absent so not in photo: 1st Grade Mrs. Amy's class: Aubrey LaComb, Mrs. Rani & Mrs. Jessica: Kolden Benoit