Jesse Owens Elementary October Newsletter
1 day ago, Anita Dupuis
The International Rice Festival held every October in Crowley, Louisiana is the festival of choice for Mrs. Aimee HUMBLE’s 1st grade class. 🌾This is the largest and oldest agricultural festival in Louisiana. 🌾🌾🌾
1 day ago, Anita Dupuis
Rice Festival
To celebrate Louisiana, this year’s JOES theme, students in Mrs Rebecca Cormier’s 2nd grade chose the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival which is held annually in May.
3 days ago, Anita Dupuis
Crawfish Festival
Crawfish Festival
The JOES theme for the year is Louisiana. To celebrate the theme teachers chose a Louisiana Festival to decorate with, learn about,… Mrs Nicole’s 3rd grade class chose the Strawberry Festival. The Louisiana Strawberry Festival occurs each Spring in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.🍓🍓🍓🍓
3 days ago, Anita Dupuis
Strawberry Festistrawberry
Today 4-H members at JOES made posters in preparation for National 4-H Week next week, Oct 2-8th! Way to Go 4-H members!!
4 days ago, Anita Dupuis
4-H week
4-H Week
4-H Week
4-H Week
5th grade is going out to the patio for a donut party to celebrate their scores on the Math benchmark 🍩 🎉
5 days ago, Anita Dupuis
Beautiful Day
Enjoying donuts
Mrs Allison’s class
5th grade
This Week at JOES - 9/26-9/30
7 days ago, Brock Meaux
This Week at JOES
This Week at JOES - 9/19-9/23
14 days ago, Brock Meaux
This Week at JOES
Kindergarten is working on their sound books , today was the /m/ sound!! Magnificent, Magical Memories from Mrs Natalie & Mrs Stacie
16 days ago, Anita Dupuis
Look my m
hard working K kids
M books
Maker stations with 5th grade in the library.
17 days ago, Anita Dupuis
First graders building words on the light table.
17 days ago, Anita Dupuis
Congratulations to the following students for being chosen as STAR student of the month by their teachers: Mrs. Hebert - Kennedie Romero Mrs. Stacie - Verah-Gail Landry Ms. Natalie - Kairyn Dupree Ms. Trahan - Carter Hunter Ms. Aimee - Kyle Murphy Mrs. Julia - Kasyn Talley Mrs Rebecca- Ethan Gaspard Mrs. Heidi- Maddex Delcambre Mrs. N. Hebert- Liv Hebert Mrs. Marsha - Davon Laseter Ms Heather - Chairaukee Simmons Mrs. Allison - Thomas Potier Mrs Caitlyn- Analeah Guidry Mrs.Kelli/ Mrs. Rani: Jackson McFarlain
19 days ago, Anita Dupuis
August Star Students
This Week at JOES - 9/12-9/16
21 days ago, Brock Meaux
This Week at JOES
This Week at Joes - 9/5-9/9
28 days ago, Brock Meaux
This Week at JOES
JOES Open House 2022 was fantastic!! Parents and guardians hear the routines, procedures, & expectations of the classes.
about 1 month ago, Anita Dupuis
Aimee Humble 1st grade
introduce of all staff.
Nicole Hebert’s 3rd Grade
2nd grade
We are off to a good start this year with our first 4-H meeting here at JOES!  Mr. Hilton showed the students a slide show and talked about all the opportunities 4-H has to offer!  
about 1 month ago, Anita Dupuis
4-H meeting
Mr Watt’s 4-H
Menus for the month of September can now be found on the VPSS Websites.
about 1 month ago, Thomas Byler
JOES September Newsletter . Please refer back to this link throughout the months for updates.
about 1 month ago, Anita Dupuis
This Week at JOES - 8/29-9/2
about 1 month ago, Brock Meaux
This Week at JOES
Flashlight Friday reading in Mrs Rebecca Cormier‘a 2nd grade. 🤫
about 1 month ago, Anita Dupuis
Quiet Flashlight Friday reading.