JOES News - March 4th through March 8th
2 days ago, Brock Meaux
Sunday Superintendent's Newsletter
2 days ago, Thomas Byler
Dr. Seuss Day! Thank you to everyone how read to our classes today, and to all our teachers, families, and students for making this a great week!
4 days ago, Brock Meaux
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Seuss 2
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Seuss 8
Seuss 9
Seuss 10
Dr. Seuss Week continues with "I'm Not Going to Get Up Today" Day!
5 days ago, Brock Meaux
Pajamas 1
Pajamas 2
Pajamas 3
Pajamas 4
My Many Colored Days! Students wore their favorite color. Mrs. Aimee and Ms. Sydney's favorite is pink!
6 days ago, Brock Meaux
colors 1
colors 2
colors 3
Mrs. Aimee's class celebrating Green Eggs and Ham Day!
7 days ago, Brock Meaux
green eggs
Cat in the Hat Day!
8 days ago, Brock Meaux
Hat 1
Hat 2
Hat 3
Hat 4
JOES News - February 26th through March 1st
9 days ago, Brock Meaux
Sunday Supe Scoop
9 days ago, Thomas Byler
Jesse Owens has arrived at Junior Beta Convention at the Cajun Dome!
15 days ago, Brock Meaux
beta 1
beta 2
JOES News - February 19th through February 23rd
16 days ago, Brock Meaux
Jesse Owens celebrated Louisiana Day today! They had Queens of several festivals visit and answer questions, dancing demonstrations by Mr. John's 3rd grade students, musicians, parades, and more! They also received a special message from Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser! Thanks to Mrs. Aimee and Mrs. K'rees for making today happen!
25 days ago, Brock Meaux
Louisiana Day 1
Louisiana Day 2
Louisiana Day 3
Louisiana Day 4
Louisiana Day 5
Louisiana Day 6
Louisiana Day 7
Louisiana Day 8
Louisiana Day 9
Louisiana Day 10
Ms. Sydney and Mrs. Aimee’s first grade classes won the Louisiana scavenger hunt this morning!
25 days ago, Brock Meaux
scavenger hunt
JOES News - February 5th through February 9th
30 days ago, Brock Meaux
Newsletter from Superintendent's Office 2-4-24
30 days ago, Thomas Byler
5th graders made abstract works of art in Arts and Crafts Club today!
about 1 month ago, Brock Meaux
art 1
art 2
art 3
art 4
art 5
JOES News - January 29th through February 2nd
about 1 month ago, Brock Meaux
Sunday Superintendent Newsletter link.
about 1 month ago, Thomas Byler
JOES celebrates their 100th day of school!
about 1 month ago, Brock Meaux
100th 1
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100th 3
100th 4
100th 5
100th 6
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100th 8
100th 9
100th 10
Brenton Hanks was the 100th student to come into school on our 100th day, congratulations Brenton! See more of our 100th Day celebrations later today!
about 1 month ago, Brock Meaux
Brenton Hanks